Beginner help: Excluding directories by pattern

Phil Dobbin debian at
Sat Dec 24 18:16:15 MST 2011

On Sat, 2011-12-24 at 18:26 -0500, Kevin Korb wrote:
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> The two most common problems with excludes are:
> 1. Excluded paths are relative to the source path.  So if you are
> rsyncing /home/username and you want to exclude /home/username/Trash
> the path to exclude is actually /Trash.
> 2. Mistaking the fact that the files are in the target because they
> were already in the target for rsync actually transferring them.  If
> they were there before you ran rsync they will still be there after
> unless you use --delete-excluded
> If you still don't see the problem lets start over.  Show us your
> command line, your excludes file, and an example /path/to/filename
> that shouldn't be copied but is.

In a similar vein (apologies if this is hi-jacking somebody elses
thread. Please let me know; if it is I'll start anew), I'm trying my
first attempt at excludes.


$ rsync -zav $HOME/phildobbin/ --exclude 'foo/' /destination/backup/

which works perfectly well but I'm struggling to find the right syntax
to add about another half a dozen directories to the exclude list (e.g.
Movies/ Music/ Virtualbox/ & so on).

Any help appreciated.



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