Beginner help: Excluding directories by pattern

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Sat Dec 24 16:26:03 MST 2011

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The two most common problems with excludes are:

1. Excluded paths are relative to the source path.  So if you are
rsyncing /home/username and you want to exclude /home/username/Trash
the path to exclude is actually /Trash.

2. Mistaking the fact that the files are in the target because they
were already in the target for rsync actually transferring them.  If
they were there before you ran rsync they will still be there after
unless you use --delete-excluded

If you still don't see the problem lets start over.  Show us your
command line, your excludes file, and an example /path/to/filename
that shouldn't be copied but is.

On 12/24/11 17:32, Michael_google gmail_Gersten wrote:
>> You want --exclude-from=file You can cut-and-paste those path
>> patterns into that file just as they are.
> Sadly, I'm still getting the files on the destination.
> Any ideas? 3.0.7 on windows, 3.0.8 on mac.

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