sync prob with big files

fuzzy_4711 fuzzy_4711 at
Sun Dec 11 02:49:26 MST 2011


> It is saying that it can't chown the files because the filesystem
> doesn't support ownerships.  This is a drawback of using -a when not
> all of the features of -a will work.  I suggest swapping -a
> (--archive) with -rt (--recursive and --times).

That is what I did. Running my test sync with these parameters also gave
me an error (22). But you brought me on the right track and leaving
--times also gave me an exit code of 0 (success) for my shell script.

So right now, I am running this:

root     22453 22447 41 10:35 pts/0    00:03:28 rsync --recursive
--links --compress --omit-dir-times --size-only --delete --bwlimit=10000

> Also, did you run out of disk space?

No, I am using 258GB out of 1.5TB.

> Is there enough available space
> to store a temporary copy of the file being copied?  If not then look
> into --inplace.

Thank you for this hint. I will keep it in mind.

I have a gut feeling right now. Thanks again for your help. I'll report

Really need to ship these backup files in a save harbour...


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