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Fri Dec 9 09:34:39 MST 2011

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- --checksum is almost never the right thing.

In almost all cases it is faster to simply re-copy stuff than it is to
checksum it.  In this case with both source and target being a network
mount a re-copy would mean a read and a write.  A --checksum would
mean two complete reads (just as bad), two complete checksums, then a
complete read and a complete write if a difference was detected.

On 12/09/11 11:25, Joachim Otahal (privat) wrote:
> fuzzy_4711 schrieb:
>> Hi list.
>> rsync --omit-dir-times --size-only -avzAX \ 
>> --bwlimit=$KILOBYTES_PER_SECOND --devices --specials
>> --numeric-ids \ --delete $BACULA_BACKUP_DIR $MOUNT_DIR/$SYNC_DIR
> I miss -c (or --checksum) there. You never know whether the
> filesize changed, or whether the time is correct. I am much to
> paranoid to do it without -c, I'd recomment using it at least on
> weekends when noone is working to make sure the data is right, 
> since calculating the checksum does some HD accessing such a huge
> file.
> Jou

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