rsync and encryption

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Mon Aug 29 14:55:43 MDT 2011

I think Dirk was asking about securing the *DATA* on the remote server -
not the *TRANSPORT*

I'd recommend encfs. It has a "--reverse" option which allows you to
mount a data tree and the new mount shows up with encrypted filenames
and content. rsync that to the remote server, and even the local
sysAdmins won't have access to the data


encfs --reverse /home/ /tmp/crypt-view
rsync -azv /tmp/crypt-view remote-server:.......

After a data loss, you could rsync that encrypted content back, then
encfs-mount it and access the unencrypted data

We use it as a mechanism of role separation: it allows our security
group to use the server group infrastructure for backups/storage,
without giving them access to the data...



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