[Bug 8411] invalid flist flag when using protocol 28 or 29

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Sat Aug 27 15:47:25 MDT 2011


--- Comment #3 from Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org> 2011-08-27 21:47:24 UTC ---
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Ignore some bogus file-list flags for older protocols

Here's a kluge that will ignore this error for older protocols.  I'd rather
figure out what makes an older version send and invalid flag, but I may apply
this for the 3.0.9 release if we can't figure out what's up.

To be clear, the XMIT_IO_ERROR_ENDLIST flag (0x1000 aka (1<<12)) is a new flag
for protocol 30, so no old version of rsync should ever send it.  A more modern
rsync will only use it either in combination with XMIT_EXTENDED_FLAGS (0x04) by
itself (0x1004), or in combination with XMIT_HLINKED|XMIT_EXTENDED_FLAGS, where
it is interpreted as as XMIT_HLINK_FIRST (but XMIT_HLINK_FIRST is only ever
sent for protocol >= 30).

Having looked at some older code versions (2.6.9, 2.6.3, and 3.0.0), I don't
see any way that that 0x1000 bit could get set in send_file_entry() without (in
3.0.0) using protocol 30, so it makes me think that there might be a hacked
rsync out there that is using incompatible XMIT_* bits.

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