[Bug 8336] --implied-dirs should include the file-list root by default

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Thu Aug 11 09:09:12 MDT 2011


--- Comment #18 from andras.porjesz at ericsson.com 2011-08-11 15:09:06 UTC ---
I found something strange.
(You can say it is another bug)
So running rsync with a double dot arg /a/sourcedir/././dirtree/to/transfer
will cause the sourcedir to be copied again and again.
I found now that the permission and ownership of that sourcedir will be copied
from the actual current dir (.) on the client side.
(if I cd into /var/adm/log, the sourcedir will be set to adm:adm)
see the log here:
[sender] change_dir(/var/adm/log)
send_files(0, .)
.d..t.og... ./
[sender] change_dir(/a/sourcedir)
send_files(3, /a/sourcedir/this)
.d          this/
send_files(5, /a/sourcedir/this/is)
.d          this/is/
send_files(7, /a/sourcedir/this/is/the)
.d          this/is/the/
send_files(9, /a/sourcedir/this/is/the/target)
.d          this/is/the/target/
this is obviously not ok, just a hard to find bug, because usually noone starts
rsync outside his own environment.

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