Copying using a parallel directory.

Stier, Matthew Matthew.Stier at
Sat Aug 20 09:42:12 MDT 2011

I work at a remote site, and I often use rsync to copy Unix application
directories from the corporate site, to my own.  


Often these directories are  minor revisions of previous installations.
(ie: /base/app/1.1, /base/app/1.2  /base/app/1.2.1 )


I can make a copy of the previous directory under the new name, and then
do a checksum transfer, but that may waste a lot of time, up front, in
major version upgrades.


Is it possible in rsync to copy from source to destination, while
checking a parallel directory for possible matching files, and thus
doing a quick copy at the destination, rather than across the WAN?


The check could be done at the source, since the previous installation
would be the same at both sites due to a previous rsync.





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