rsync'ing an rdiff-backup repository

Grant emailgrant at
Fri Aug 19 14:09:08 MDT 2011

>> I'm rsync'ing an rdiff-backup repository to a different machine and I
>> have a few questions I'm hoping you guys can help me out with.
> For a backup repository with craploads of hard links I recommend using
> something block level instead of file level.  Using pvmove on a Linux
> LVM(2) volume would be best case.
>> Should I use --archive?  Or maybe -rlD instead?
> You should use --archive and --hard-links.  If you don't use
> - --hard-links your data size will simply explode.

Are -ptgo (implied by -a) necessary given that this is an rsync of an
rdiff-backup repository which means the original permissions,
times(?), groups, and ownerships are preserved in the
rdiff-backup-data folder for restores?  Maybe it doesn't require much
overhead so it doesn't matter either way?

- Grant

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