Help needed getting rsync to copy from windows to mac

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Mon Aug 15 14:33:39 MDT 2011

I'm trying to use rsync to copy files from a Microsoft Windows machine
(XP, with cygwin) to a macintosh (10.5.8, PPC).

After a lot of playing with options, manual page reading, etc, I have
the following command, executed on the windows machine:

rsync -A -X -a --delete --rsync-path="/opt/local/bin/rsync
--fake-super --log-file=/tmp/rlog.txt" /cygdrive/c/DRIVERS
"rsync at kleiman-ibook:/Volumes/Windows rsync/rsync"

The idea of this command: Preserve as much information as possible
(including acl's and extended attributes), use fake-super to work even
as a non-root user, copy the entire C drive, but initially test with
just a single sub directory (the C:/DRIVERS directory).

So my first question: Is all that necessary? Is there something that
I'm missing? Since I'm backing up a system with both short names and
long names, does the -X flag copy both file names?

Rsync asks me for my password (the rsync account), logs in, and starts
the rsync server.
The log file /tmp/rlog.txt is created. It looks like this:

Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$ head /tmp/rlog.txt
2011/08/15 12:31:57 [58494] receiving file list
2011/08/15 12:32:23 [58505] receiving file list
2011/08/15 12:32:23 [58505] cd++++++++++ DRIVERS/
2011/08/15 12:32:23 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/INFCACHE.1
2011/08/15 12:32:23 [58505] cd++++++++++ DRIVERS/AUDIO/
2011/08/15 12:32:23 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/AUDIO/INFCACHE.1
2011/08/15 12:32:49 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/AUDIO/R69382(2).EXE
2011/08/15 12:33:13 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/AUDIO/SBL5DL_DRVPACK_LB.exe
2011/08/15 12:33:15 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/AUDIO/SBL5DL_PCPatch_LB_3.exe
2011/08/15 12:33:15 [58505] cd++++++++++ DRIVERS/AUDIO/ADDON/

So it's getting the file list. It seems to be getting the files.

Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$ tail /tmp/rlog.txt
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/VIDEO/ADDON/NVWRSNL.DLL
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/VIDEO/ADDON/NVWRSNO.DLL
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/VIDEO/ADDON/NVWRSPTB.DLL
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/VIDEO/ADDON/NVWRSSV.DLL
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/VIDEO/ADDON/NVWRSZHC.DLL
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/VIDEO/ADDON/NVWRSZHT.DLL
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] >f++++++++++ DRIVERS/VIDEO/ADDON/VERSION.TXT
2011/08/15 12:35:17 [58505] sent 3899 bytes  received 183284241 bytes
total size 183249436
2011/08/15 12:40:31 [58549] receiving file list
2011/08/15 12:40:31 [58549] sent 25 bytes  received 4047 bytes  total
size 183249436

So at the end of the whole thing, it sent everything over. Right?

And a second attempt to copy sends nothing over -- it's all there
already. Right?

And it should be in /Volumes/Windows rsync/rsync, right?

Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$ pwd
/Volumes/Windows rsync
Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$ ls
total 8
0 rsync/	4 Desktop DF	4 Desktop DB
Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$ ls -R rsync/
Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$

Alright, so maybe it's somewhere else?

Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$ mdfind nvwrssv.dll
/Volumes/Memeo backup/Backups here/My WD_Backup/Memeo/My
/Volumes/Memeo backup/Backups here/My WD_Backup/Memeo/My
Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$

So a quick check on a file that was listed as copied shows that the
only copies on my system are from a different backup program (that
frankly stinks).

So where are my files? What's happening?

Both are version 3.0.7.

Kleiman-ibook:Windows rsync michael$ rsync --version
rsync  version 3.0.7  protocol version 30
Copyright (C) 1996-2009 by Andrew Tridgell, Wayne Davison, and others.
Web site:
    64-bit files, 32-bit inums, 32-bit timestamps, 64-bit long ints,
    socketpairs, hardlinks, symlinks, IPv6, batchfiles, inplace,
    append, ACLs, xattrs, iconv, symtimes, file-flags

The windows version changes this to 64-bit inums, and does not include

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