Failed assertion in finish_hard_link

Mike Bombich mike at
Thu Aug 11 14:42:36 MDT 2011

I'm seeing this assertion failure:

hlink.c:610: failed assertion `node != NULL && node->data != NULL'

In this block of code:

if (inc_recurse) {
	int gnum = F_HL_GNUM(file);
	struct ht_int32_node *node = hashtable_find(prior_hlinks, gnum, 0);
-->	assert(node != NULL && node->data != NULL);
	assert(CVAL(node->data, 0) == 0);
	if (!(node->data = strdup(our_name)))

rsync (3.0.6) is being called with something like this:

rsync -aHANXx --force-change --fileflags --numeric-ids --protect-decmpfs --delete-during --filter=._/path/to/filter /Volumes/HFS_Source/ /Volumes/HFS_Destination

I'm not really sure where to begin troubleshooting this, any suggestions? 

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