[Bug 8336] --implied-dirs should include the file-list root by default

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--- Comment #14 from Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org> 2011-08-09 15:55:31 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> I want to sync hundreds of workspaces used by several users
> and I need all the same permissions on both sides.

Yup.  And we've given you 2 different ways to do this.  If you just need the
one-level of created dir set right, add the extra dot dir to the path.  If you
need all the path elements in the destination path set, make them all implied
directories in the transfer by including them in the transfer path (and tweak
your link-dest setup).

I noticed that in one comment you said that the /././ bit didn't work for you,
but I tested it back to 2.6.9, and it works in all rsync versions that I tried
(and with both "use chroot" and w/o in the daemon config).  Make sure that the
daemon has that module configured to run as root if you want it to be changing
the directory ownership.

If you add 2 -i options to your command, rsync will output all the items in the
transfer, and the extra dot will show up as an initial "./" dir in the list of
transferred files.  That dot dir will affect the destination dir.

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