PATCH: --write-devices to allow synchronising to a block device

Lars Täuber taeuber at
Mon Aug 8 09:03:45 MDT 2011

Hello list,

I found this patch in the archive of the mailing list and a diff in the current rsync-patches git master.

The current rsync-patches-3.0.8.tar.gz doesn't contain this patch.
Why this?
I adapted the current version from the git master so it compiles a patched 3.0.8 version.
The source is also patched with the copy-devices diff.
But sadly I get a error message and can't find a solution.

Is there someone running a 3.0.8 or newer rsync version with the write-devices patch included?

This is what I see:
# /usr/local/lib/rsync -zvw --copy-devices --rsync-path=/usr/local/lib/rsync monosan:/dev/mapper/DRBD-DER_TAPE /dev/mapper/BACKSAN-DER_TAPE
rsync: failed to open "/dev/mapper/BACKSAN-DER_TAPE", continuing: No such device or address (6)
rsync: open "/dev/mapper/BACKSAN-DER_TAPE" failed: No such device or address (6)


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