--relative clobbers --delete

Chuck Wolber chuckw at quantumlinux.com
Tue Aug 2 21:14:00 MDT 2011

On Tue, 2 Aug 2011, Kevin Korb wrote:

> 1. Update rsync.  You are MANY years out of date.  Updating rsync is not 
> going to break whatever obsolete other stuff you are running.

Not an option in this case, but thank you for the suggestion anyway :)

> 2. If you are rsyncing from / --relative doesn't do anything.

True, but normally it does not hurt to specify it. When everything is 
scripted and "/" can be changed to "/foo/bar" quite easily, it is one less 
thing to remember to add --relative to the list of arguments.

> 3. --delete is aborted if almost any error is encountered.  Check the 
> full rsync output for any error or warning.  If you run without - 
> --verbose, --progress, --itemize-changes, and --stats anything rsync 
> says will be an error that must be corrected before --delete will work 
> right.

We use those arguments and there are never any warnings or errors. 

I really think this may be some obscure issue with 2.5.7 and I am hoping 
that it may jog someone's memory. The device will be gone soon anyway and 
my interest is only where the problem may crop up elsewhere. That is all.


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