--relative clobbers --delete

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Tue Aug 2 20:44:14 MDT 2011

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3 things...

1. Update rsync.  You are MANY years out of date.  Updating rsync is not
going to break whatever obsolete other stuff you are running.

2. If you are rsyncing from / --relative doesn't do anything.

3. --delete is aborted if almost any error is encountered.  Check the
full rsync output for any error or warning.  If you run without
- --verbose, --progress, --itemize-changes, and --stats anything rsync
says will be an error that must be corrected before --delete will work

On 08/02/11 22:29, Chuck Wolber wrote:
> Hi,
> We back up a lot of machines with varying version of rsync installed on 
> them. The oldest machine (hopefully soon to be retired) is running rsync 
> version 2.5.7 (protocol version 26).
> We back this machine up from "/" onwards with a few excludes in there. I 
> noticed today that whenever we use the --relative and --delete flags 
> together, the --delete flag seems to have no affect. This only happens 
> when when we are backing up "/". Backing up other paths like "/tmp" etc, 
> appear to work just fine.
> I tested the second oldest machine, which is running rsync version 2.6.2 
> (protocol version 28), and this issue does not appear. Tests on recent 
> versions of rsync (3.0 and greater) also show that the issue does not 
> appear there either.
> Does anyone remember this issue (google and the rsync bug database do not 
> appear to)? If so, do I need to worry about it with any rsync version > 
> 2.5.7 and < 2.6.2? Does it magically reappear anywhere else??
> Thank you,
> ..Ch:W..

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