--timeout=... lesson learned...

Bjorn Madsen bjorn.madsen at operationsresearchgroup.com
Mon Aug 1 02:30:59 MDT 2011

I thought other might benefit from this lesson learned and thought it maybe
should be added to the man-pages.

I thought my network connection was glitchy and hence set rsync up for
--timeout=120 but I found out that I was actually causing the glitch with
this script:
#! /bin/sh -
while true; do rsync -avz --progress --timeout=120 --delete
/media/rsync_gb01/movies/ myserver:movies; sleep 120; done

The problem:
When rsync is checking large files it takes time to verify the content at
both ends, so when using the option --timeout=TIME both source and
destination must be capable of performing the check within the time window
provided. For a 2.3 Gb file this check might take 2:30 minutes, so if the
option --timeout=120 then rsync will exit before the destination has been
able to complete its file check.

For the future options: Could/can rsync incorporate the adjustment of
timeout to include the time used for the check? Fictive example:
 --timeout=xfer#1-check-time + 120 seconds?

detailed example:
me at source:~$ rsync -avz --progress --timeout=xfer#1-check-time+120 --delete
/media/rsync_gb01/movies/ myserver:movies
sending incremental file list
  2302868295 100%   14.01MB/s    *0:02:36* (xfer#1, to-check=41/286)
...and so on...

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