rsync3.0.0 crashs @glob function call in glob_expand util.c

rakesh mutharaju rakesh.mutharaju at
Wed Apr 27 23:51:06 MDT 2011


I am Rakesh, working on rsync3.0.0 sources based application(for file
backup). I have been noticing a crash in glob function call in glob_expand
method in util.c

Here is my rsyncd.conf which i am using.,

use chroot = no
max connections = 4
address =
path = C:/Data/Images/
hosts allow = *
strict modes = false
comment = test1
read only = no
transfer logging = true
list = true
timeout = 0

and the command i have been using is

rsync -arv

I have been running rsync daemon at (symbian based device) and
initiating a rsync request from client running at (windows XP
machine). (connected to a local DHCP server).

Any clue what could be the reason. Btw, I have compiled rsync project using
GCCE compiler.

With Best Regards,
Mutharaju Rakesh
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