[Bug 6116] Cannot access files in exposed shadow drive in version 3.0.5

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Wed Apr 20 17:34:44 MDT 2011


--- Comment #7 from Leon V. <leonv at vaultnow.com> 2011-04-20 23:34:44 UTC ---
I decided to "hack" at this some more.  I downloaded the source code for 3.0.8
and compiled it, and began to run GDB.  Not sure if this will help, but the
call to util.c change_dir() with cygdrive/G (G: is the exposed shadow for C:) 
yeilds some strange behavior that is beyond my expertise.

The global variable curr_dir starts out correctly containing
"/cygdrive/c/Downloads/rsync308" but when the call to 
change_dir(cygdir/g) is made, it has been trashed by a NULL character and
contains "/\000ygdrive/c/Downloads/rsync308".

While in this section of code (util.c), I cannot get the variable len to print:
    1011            if (len == 1 && *dir == '.')
    (gdb) print len
    No symbol "len" in current context.

When the call to chdir(curr_dir) is made, the curr_dir variable contains
     "//cygdrive/g\000ownloads/rsync308"  (note the double forward slash)

Hoping this will help...


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