WinXP rsync local copy to USB drive

cryptworks cryptworks at
Mon Apr 18 13:51:00 MDT 2011

I have been researching this as well. so far no real luck on this.

I have been trying a binary from BackupPC:

It technically is intended to run the same way, however the interesting
thing is if you invoke it without "--config rsyncd.conf --daemon
--no-detach" it will run, and function in much the same way that you are
running whichever binary you have.

The issue i keep running into is that it complains about not having a valid
remote host, wich makes sense as i am not connecting to an rsync daemon. so
what it seems to be is that it wants the other end to be an rsync daemon.

however that binary i am using does not need "installation" its a zip file
you extract and run.

if you want to try that and see if it will do what you want, let me know as
i have some interest in this as well.

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