Permission denied (13)

Juan Pablo Segundo lexinder at
Fri Apr 15 04:17:22 MDT 2011


I've been trying to do backups with rsync. I want to do the backup into a
NAS (LG Network Storage N2B1/N2R1). I start mounting the NAS in my Ubuntu
Server 10.04 via cifs, and the /home from my Ubuntu's machines via nfs. This
script executes in the server's crontab, with root permissions.

My rsync script is like:



    OPTIONS="--force --ignore-errors --delete --delete-excluded
--exclude-from=$EXCLUDES --backup --backup-dir=$DONDE -vrbpoglDLH"
    EXCLUDES=/etc/backup.conf     (*.iso .*)
    INCREMENTDIR=`date +%Y-%m`

I'm having troubles with the permissions of some files.

    rsync: send_files failed to open
<u>Permission denied (13)</u>
    rsync: opendir
failed: <u>Permission denied (13)</u>
    rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors)
<u>(code 23)</u> at main.c(1060) [sender=3.0.7]

I've tried everything that I found in Google, like changing the name of the
troubled files, giving them more permissions, adding/removing some rsync

We would be very thankful if somebody could throw some light at this.

Thank you in advance.
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