[Bug 8060] "hosts allow" in rsyncd.conf doesn't handle IPv6 subnets smaller than /64.

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Tue Apr 5 05:57:02 MDT 2011


Joshua Kinard <kumba at gentoo.org> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Joshua Kinard <kumba at gentoo.org> 2011-04-05 11:57:02 UTC ---
Neeeeevermind.  I was adding wrong.  Mistaking a /120 for a /96.  Of course
fd77:beef::ac10:0/120 doesn't match fd77:beef::ac10:cbxx, because the /120
would fix the first two bits of the last hextet to "0", not "cb".

Apparently, part of the foolery was with Samba falling back silently to IPv4,
as my IPv6 specification in that config is also bad.  Amazing what Wireshark
will teach you.


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