[Bug 6746] file from link-dest-source is copies and not linked for identical files

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Test script

(In reply to comment #7)
> Alphabetical order matters.  If A has already been copied and B is a new
> hardlink, then all will work as expected.
> if B has already been copied, and A is the new hardlink, rsync v3 doesn't know
> it's an inode match until later in the transfer.

Ah... That behavior is by design (see the last paragraph of the description of
--hard-links in the man page), but it's pretty annoying that it can waste space
with --link-dest.  See the attached test script.

The fix would be to check every file entry against the --link-dest dir even if
a previous hard link has already been transferred, and if there is a match, go
back and replace all the previous hard links with links to the --link-dest
file.  This would require rsync to store all the previous hard link paths
instead of just the last one.

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