Excluding most and including some problems continue.

Ian Skinner iskinner at cdpr.ca.gov
Thu Sep 30 14:50:04 MDT 2010

>>> Steven Levine <steve53 at earthlink.net> Thursday, September 30, 2010 11:14 AM >>>
>I'm not sure I entirely understand what you want, but what about
> + das/**/htdocs/docs*
> + em/**/htdocs/docs*
> etc.
>or possibly
> + das/**htdocs/docs*
> + em/**/htdocs/docs*
> etc.

I'm not sure what the difference between the first example and the second example is supposed to be?

I don't see how that would address my needs, but I'm not sure what the double ** symbols represent?  But there is no extra directories between the "das" and the "htdocs" directories in my use case.

Maybe this representation would be clearer.


I want to mirror the following directories from the above example and exclude everything else.
(And seven more similar directories)

I just tried this filter file somewhat based on your previous suggestion but it excluded everything.
+ das/htdocs/docs/*
+ em/htdocs/docs/*
+ enf/htdocs/docs/*
+ internal/htdocs/docs/*
+ itb/htdocs/docs/*
+ medtox/htdocs/docs/*
+ pml/htdocs/docs/*
+ psb/htdocs/docs/*
+ reg/htdocs/docs/*
+ whs/htdocs/docs/*

- /*


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