recent discussion regarding 'checksums'

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Wed Sep 29 02:14:30 MDT 2010

 Besides all this, what is the performance impact of "-c"? If it's moved
from MD5 to XXXXX - will that impact performance?

I've never used "-c" as I trust size+dates - probably like 99.9% of
rsync users out there. I always ignored "-c" as I *assumed* it would
come at an appreciable performance hit... However, I am talking about
modern CPUs and running rsync over WANs - so I guess the bottleneck
ain't going to ever be in the checksums ;-)

I read the Fedora bug - is moving to a negotiable ranges of hashes
really necessary? Why not move to SHA-256 and ignore the problem for
another 10 years ;-)  [sometimes more options isn't a good idea...]


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