is support for non-ASCII filenames in rsync complete?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Sun Sep 19 16:32:54 MDT 2010

 On 09/20/2010 09:51 AM, Matt McCutchen wrote:
> "Is support for non-ASCII filenames in rsync complete?" is a misleading
> question.  Traditionally, rsync has always preserved filenames as byte
> strings and has never dealt with encoding issues, like most unix file
> manipulation tools.  "Corruption" is uniformly the result of different
> applications interpreting those byte strings in different encodings or
> of conversions performed by OSes, OS emulation layers, or filesystems.
> The --iconv option is now offered as one way to work around some of
> those issues.

OK - so for example you mean if someone rsync's data from one OS to
another, and then exports it back via Samba - that might cause issues.
But if they export it back via rsync, it *will* arrive back the same way?

>  You can always do a test
> and see if the results are what you want.
I didn't mention I have already done that for some random filenames I
created and it's fine. But I certainly didn't do it for every language
combination. There just seems to be enough historical noise around this
issue that it was worth asking.


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