is support for non-ASCII filenames in rsync complete?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Sun Sep 19 14:55:27 MDT 2010

 Hi there

Over the years there's been many people saying how files with non-ASCII
charsets got their filenames "corrupted" moving between different
systems. So I'm wondering what the current state is with rsync-3.06+?

ie I want to use rsync-3.06+ to backup WinXP+ (and MacOS?) filesystems
by using native versions of rsync clients to a remote Linux-based rsyncd
process. If I do that, should I expect that our Chinese,French,etc users
will have their backups with the correct filenames?

As far as I'm aware, everything is UTF8 these days, so I shouldn't
expect any issues? eg I shouldn't have to use the "--iconv" option (all
this language-specific stuff gives me a headache ;-)



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