DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7670] rsync --hard-links fails where ditto succeeds

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Tue Sep 14 07:33:41 MDT 2010

------- Comment #3 from c182driver29 at  2010-09-14 08:33 CST -------
Is this really an rsync bug?  I experienced the same thing on Linux with ext3
with our backup system, which is heavily dependent upon --link-dest.  I've
tested switching to xfs, and this solves the problem because the real issue
isn't rsync but instead the underlying file system.

I also confirmed that cp -Rl had the same problem and solution.

I did wonder whether rsync should, when faced with this error, fall back on
creating a copy.  But should rsync include behavior that exists only to work
around a file system limit?  Perhaps only as a command line option (ie.
definitely not the default behavior)?

I'm also not sure that it should always do this.  It's not so bad to do so for
--link-dest, which is really just an optimization.  But if rsync is to be
making a reliable copy of the source at the destination, this should include
mimicry of any links.  In that case, falling back to copy would be a bad idea,
I believe.

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