--delete-during acts like --delete-before

Craig Bell Craig.Bell at standard.com
Fri Sep 10 12:29:12 MDT 2010

Michal Soltys wrote:

> Try for example something analogous to:

Thanks Michal, I have a workaround that provides the behavior that I want to see:

  for dir in 0 1 2 3 ; do
    rsync -a --del srchost::del-test/${dir} .
  rsync -a --del srchost::del-test .

> On a related note, if you call rsync locally, you will see strict boundaries

That's interesting!  I tried this, --del does indeed behave strictly "infix" when both paths are local.
Output below -- this is exactly what I would like to see for the remote transfer.  Thx... -cheers, CSB

$ rsync -i -a --del ./rsync-test ./rsync-test-2                                
.d..t...... rsync-test/0/
*deleting   rsync-test/0/file-0
>f+++++++++ rsync-test/0/file-00
.d..t...... rsync-test/1/
*deleting   rsync-test/1/file-1
>f+++++++++ rsync-test/1/file-11
.d..t...... rsync-test/2/
*deleting   rsync-test/2/file-2
>f+++++++++ rsync-test/2/file-22
.d..t...... rsync-test/3/
*deleting   rsync-test/3/file-3
>f+++++++++ rsync-test/3/file-33

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