Backing up a stand alone system to a usb drive with rsync

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Thu Sep 9 15:07:54 MDT 2010

>> I have a stand alone system with two drives / and /home on one and /var
>> on the the other. I'd like to backup the complete system to a usb drive.
>> I've tried dd however since it copies over everything, even empty space
>> it didn't seem very practical since for instance root only has 10GiB out
>> of 70 used. Would rsync be a suitable application to use for this or
>> will it only work over a network?
> See

You may also be interested in Clonezilla : <>

One possible way of using both of these tools together would be to create a full backup using Clonezilla and then use rsync to frequent backups.

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