--delete-during acts like --delete-before

Craig Bell Craig.Bell at standard.com
Thu Sep 9 12:26:27 MDT 2010

Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:

> My observation of current rsync in "Incremental Recursion"-Mode
>(default), with default "--delete", is that the files it deletes are 
> about 1000 files further down the list than the file it currently 
> transfers.

> So question is: Are there more than 1000 files in total?

No, there are fewer than one hundred files.  So perhaps it's an issue of scale?
In other words, if I had thousands of files (each in its own subdirectory), then
--delete-during would eventually start to behave more "infix" as I expected?

Thanks for the insight Matthias...  -cheers, CSB

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