--delete-during acts like --delete-before

Craig Bell Craig.Bell at standard.com
Thu Sep 9 12:22:59 MDT 2010

Michal Soltys wrote:

> Hmmm, rsync wouldn't do that. As mentioned above, files being part of 
> the transfer (whenever uptodate ones, or the ones to be updated) will 
> not be preemptivly removed. Even the old files are not deleted first - 
> they are transfered to a temporary file and moved over (unless --inplace 
> is being used).

Michal, perhaps I am missing something, but I think my example is pretty straightforward.
All new files always have different names, and all old files are deleted every time.
I want rsync to enter a subdirectory, bring over the new file, then delete the old file, then repeat.
I used --delete-during, but all deletes for all subdirectories happen first-thing, anyways.

Thanks again...  -cheers, CSB

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