DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7070] Permission denied message with --fake-super and permissionless directory

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Mon Sep 6 22:30:34 MDT 2010

------- Comment #5 from chris at  2010-09-06 23:30 CST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> Rsync sets the correct permissions (granting the owner all permissions) in
> set_stat_xattr, but that is too late.  It needs to enable read permission when
> initially creating a regular file or directory.

The rsync manual says of fake-super, "any permission bits ...  that
would limit the owner's access" should be stored in the xattr rather
than on the real file. So we need to make sure the owner has full
permissions on created files (at least mode 600) and directories (at
least mode 700).

This also avoids the permissions error when trying to read the xattrs on
a mode 000 file or directory just after we create it.

The attached 0001-fake-super-give-owner-full-permissions-on-created-fi.patch
contains testsuite/fake-super.test which demonstrates the problem for
both files and directories, and a proposed fix for both.

With the fix rsync passes all the tests.

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