How to delete a whole destination tree (inclusive the destination its-self) with rsync (daemon)?

Vahsen Beheer beheer at
Sun Oct 31 10:52:17 MDT 2010

On 31-10-2010 17:23, Edvinas Valatka wrote:
> Hi Vansen :)
> The 'p' in '-!pr' only needed, if directory
> remote-host::Backups/daily.20101030-0155 is not empty.
> Workaround:
> rsync -d --del /tmp/empty-dir/ remote-host::Backups/daily.20101030-0155/
> rsync -ndv -f '-!r /daily.20101030-0155' --del /tmp/empty_dir/
> remote-host::Backups/
Hi again Edvinas, and thanks a lot!!!

I finally managed to delete a remote empty directory now!
I simplified my request a bit though, and need to delete a subdirectory 
of the module.

Analogue to the above I tried:

rsync -ndv -f '-!r /subdir/daily.20101030-0155' --del /tmp/empty_dir/ remote-host::Backups/subdir

This however does not delete anything.
What am i missing?

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