rsync: failed to set permissions on "<filename>": Function not implemented (38)

Steven Levine steve53 at
Thu Oct 28 11:18:46 MDT 2010

In <4CC6309C.4080503 at>, on 10/25/10
   at 06:36 PM, Noah <noah-list at> said:


>rsync: failed to set permissions on "<filename>": Function not 
>implemented (38)

>and the command line is

>     /usr/bin/rsync --recursive --compress --human-readable --progress 
>--update --perms -avz '/Applications' -e 'ssh -p 22 -o 
>ServerAliveInterval=10' --relative --delete root@<hostname>:/<directory>

>What can I do to alleviate these errors?

I recommend you start with providing sufficient information, so that
someone might be responds with more than general comments.  Obviously, you
need to indicate the client and host platforms and the rsync versions
these platforms are running.

Offhand it appears that the server does not support a mode change
requested by the client.

Adding --itemize-changes might help you identify if the error is specific
to a particular file.


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