include-from or files-from

ml ml mliebherr99 at
Fri Oct 22 03:30:40 MDT 2010

Hello List,

i have got a large File-List which looks like this:


Now i would like to transfer only those file from that list. The rsync command:

 rsync -avz -F --files-from=/tmp/synclist-small.txt /mnt/ /data/

does not seem to work due to that wildcard.

The command:
  rsync -avz -F --include-from=/tmp/synclist-small.txt /mnt/ /data/
syncs every files, not just the ones from my list.

If i change my file list to:
+ 165/165950*
+ 166/166072*
- *

then everything gets excluded.

Could someone give me a hint here??


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