rotating dirs created with link-dest

Steven Levine steve53 at
Tue Oct 19 00:26:36 MDT 2010

In <alpine.BSF.2.00.1010181323010.40834 at>, on 10/18/10
   at 01:41 PM, doug at said:

Hi Doug,

>If I change link-dest=../../201009/myserver/home/ it starts a new base.
>Via  google and RTFM it seems that naming schemes keep the name of the
>link-dest  directory constant. Is this a requirement or am I yet missing
>one more thing?

I suspect the option name is confusing you.  --link-dest names the source
of the basis files so you don't want it to be empty (or new).

You need to reverse the options as in

  rsync srcdir --link-dest=last-backup-dir new-backupdir


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