rotating dirs created with link-dest

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Mon Oct 18 11:41:29 MDT 2010

I have this working [almost] perfectly. Progress to this point would have not 
been possible without the kind help received here, so many thanks to the list for 
its advice and forbearance. And yet here I am again :)

I set up a naming structure of yyyymm for monthly backups. With 201003 being the 
base when I finally got the process command working. I assumed I could make an 
incremental backup moving the link-dest= forward. E.g using 201004, 201005, ... 
This does not work. It appears (via trial and error) the name of this directory 
can not change. It this correct?

The following command works:

   rsync --log-file=/share/data/rsync08.log  -vvaxH --numeric-ids --delete \
      --exclude=/home/apache/logs --link-dest=../../201003/myserver/home/ \
      --log-file=201009.log \
      -e ssh root at .

If I change link-dest=../../201009/myserver/home/ it starts a new base. Via 
google and RTFM it seems that naming schemes keep the name of the link-dest 
directory constant. Is this a requirement or am I yet missing one more thing?

Douglas Denault
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