[Bug 3653] Reduce the need for the "vanished files" warning

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 16:54:28 MDT 2010

> Doing nightly backups from cron is an *extremely* common use-case of rsync, and
> telling each and every user of rsync that they should either A) write their own
> shell script to filter and discard error messages, or B) play a constant game
> of whack-a-mole chasing down new --exclude options to add, is just silly.  It
> pushes work downstream that could be done upstream much more efficiently.  Why
> make each user write the same code over and over when the developer could write
> it just once, and get it right?

You may want to take a look at LBackup : http://www.lbackup.org
Just one rsync based backup possibility. 

Note : The current version 0.9.8r5-alpha3 of LBackup, requires a wrapper script to be
put around rsync if you want to ignore the vanished files warning. : 

Any assistance to improve rsync / LBackup is warmly welcomed. Perhaps one option is 
a new option to suppress this file vanished warning is a possibility? I would 
be interested to have other peoples take on such an approach.

This email is protected by LBackup, an open source backup solution.

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