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"Me too."

Doing nightly backups from cron is an *extremely* common use-case of rsync, and
telling each and every user of rsync that they should either A) write their own
shell script to filter and discard error messages, or B) play a constant game
of whack-a-mole chasing down new --exclude options to add, is just silly.  It
pushes work downstream that could be done upstream much more efficiently.  Why
make each user write the same code over and over when the developer could write
it just once, and get it right?

Option A is bad because everyone gets to introduce differently-subtle bugs in
their script (wrong error code? accidentally ignoring too many error messages?
who knows. It's fragile.)

Option B is bad because I don't *want* to have a bunch of --exclude options for
my backup: disk and bandwidth are cheap, so I want my backup disk to be an
exact mirror.  That way, when the disk holding / dies, I can just drop the
backup in and boot it, being confident that everything is exactly the same.

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