Performance and simultaneous connections over SSH

Francois Begin Francois.Begin at
Thu Nov 25 09:01:32 MST 2010

 Actually I recently noticed other issues where the rsync process dumps core
so I am not even sure if I am getting all the data synced up correctly. The
files I transfer are fairly large (hundreds of thousands of lines). 


I have not been able to dedicate myself to addressing this issue further. So
my solution just limps along for now.

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From: Ricardo Olguin [mailto:rolguin at] 
Sent: November 22, 2010 11:10 AM
To: Matt McCutchen; Francois Begin
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Subject: RE: Performance and simultaneous connections over SSH


Hi Francois,


     Have you got any progress about the performance?


     I am asking that because I have rsync running in a Linux RH5 in our
main office making the rsync for 22 sites and I am getting the same issue:


     I have tried to schedule it to start at different times and no luck.


     The average band size for the sites are 4 mbytes.


    - the rsync drops for Connection timed out, but that DOES NOT happens
when it run once site at time.


     The last parameters that I have added are : --bwlimit=2048
--timeout=900 but that did not make difference.



Matt/Francois and anyone:


     Any reply will be appreciate.


Thank you.


Kind Regards,

Ricardo Olguin


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On Sun, 2010-08-15 at 10:50 -0600, Francois Begin wrote:

> I just started to notice some 'sync sputtering': Sometime, all 4 

> server's latest access log will have the same timestamp e.g. 09:30, 

> while at other times I would see something like this: It is 09:35 and 

> I have 2 servers at 09:20 and 2 at 09:30 i.e. they could not all sync 

> themselves during the last round.


I would suggest enabling logging with --log-file on either the client or the
server side to get more information about what is happening.


> How does rsync handle mutliple simultaneous connections over SSH. I am 

> guessing that it is up to the log repo server to allocate 4 separate 

> SSH sessions, and that within each of these, it will use rsync to sync 

> up the logs. Is that correct?


Correct.  The four rsync instances on the log repo server will work






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