DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7816] get_tmpname() can create invalid UTF-8 filenames

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Wed Nov 24 12:35:38 MST 2010

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------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2010-11-24 13:35 CST -------
Most of the time the name won't be trimmed, as it only happens if the path is
long enough that the temp name needs more room to add the unique suffix.  The
attached patch is a simple heuristic that triggers if the name gets trimmed and
there is a high-bit character as both the first-trimmed character and the last
retained character.  In such a case, we'll just make the name shorter (removing
all dangling high-bit characters).  If we end up with just a leading dot for
the name, the trimming will stop, and the name will be kinda sad, but still

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