How to sync an exact list of files, Including deletes!?

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Sat Nov 20 17:37:58 MST 2010

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>While running, Lsyncd knows exactly which files need transfer and rsync's
>--files-from (with =- to get the filelist from stdin-pipe) sounds like an
>ideal solution for this, also to reduce the number of times rsync gets
>spawned. Coded that, now in beta stage there is a nasty problem, rsync
>refuses to accept deletions that way!

What might work for the deletes is a dynamically built --exclude-from list
in combination with --delete excluded and possibly --prune-empty-dirs. 
I've never tried this with --files-from, but it should work as long as
non-existant source file does not cause a problem with the filter logic.

You should not need --recursive.  You just need the --exclude-from file to
contain full paths.


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