Changes made to main.c on implementing real time Rsync

Benjamin R. Haskell rsync at
Thu Nov 11 09:41:08 MST 2010

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010, Steven Xu wrote:

> Hi, Wayne,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I just did a test:
> Here is the Rsync client output:
> C:\Program Files (x86)\cwRsync\bin\rsync" -av "/cygdrive/e/fileserver/Worksheets/reconcil/./Fiducie Desjardins/Dailies/cl0016062moveq20101110.txt"
>   "lba023::Rsync/"

You've left out the '-R' option, which was the other half of Wayne's 
response (the '-R' option and the '/./' in the source):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\cwRsync\bin\rsync" -Rav "/cygdrive/e/fileserver/Worksheets/reconcil/./Fiducie Desjardins/Dailies/cl0016062moveq20101110.txt" "lba023::Rsync/"

-R (part of the '-Rav' [equivalent to -avR or -a -v -R]), short for 
--relative, is what makes the difference: it tells rsync that the '/./' 
in the first path name is where the path starts (the client will send 
everything after the /./ as the path name).

Wayne's original explanation:

> Do this instead:
> rsync -avR source/./l1/l2/l3/abc.txt dest::Worksheets/
> The use of -R (--relative) along with the /./ path element to signal 
> how much of the source path goes into the copy will make rsync create 
> all the needed dirs on the destination.
> ..wayne..


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