Changes made to main.c on implementing real time Rsync

Steven Xu steven.xu at
Thu Nov 11 08:49:16 MST 2010

Hi, Wayne,


Thanks for your reply.


I just did a test:

Here is the Rsync client output:


C:\Program Files (x86)\cwRsync\bin\rsync" -av "/cygdrive/e/fileserver/Worksheets/reconcil/./Fiducie Desjardins/Dailies/cl0016062moveq20101110.txt"   "lba023::Rsync/"

sending incremental file list



sent 3051907 bytes  received 27 bytes  2034622.67 bytes/sec

total size is 3051437  speedup is 1.00


Here is the server log:

2010/11/11 10:42:34 [4904] rsync to Rsync/ from lba006 (

2010/11/11 10:42:34 [4904] receiving file list

2010/11/11 10:42:35 [4904] recv lba006 [] Rsync () cl0016062moveq20101110.txt 3051437

2010/11/11 10:42:35 [4904] sent 54 bytes  received 3051927 bytes  total size 3051437



The path information is not copied over the destinations. If I use the following command, I got error.


C:\Program Files (x86)\cwRsync\bin\rsync" -av "/cygdrive/e/fileserver/Worksheets/reconcil/./Fiducie Desjardins/Dailies/cl0016062moveq20101110.txt"  "lba023::Rsync/Fiducie Desjardins/Dailies/"

sending incremental file list

rsync: mkdir "Fiducie Desjardins/Dailies" (in Rsync) failed: No such file or dir

ectory (2)

rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(577) [Receiver=3.0.7]

rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (5 bytes received so far) [sender]

rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(610) [sender=








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On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 11:04 AM, Steven Xu <steven.xu at> wrote:

Example   "rsync  -av  source/l1/l2/l3/abc.txt dest::Worksheets/l1/l2/l3/"


Do this instead:


rsync -avR source/./l1/l2/l3/abc.txt dest::Worksheets/


The use -f -R (--relative) along with the /./ path element to signal how much of the source path goes into the copy will make rsync create all the needed dirs on the destination.



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