Permission denied while running rsync as Superuser

Satish Shukla satish at
Thu Nov 11 00:14:21 MST 2010

We are running rsync (v3.0.7) as superuser (root), with following options –

/opt/rsync-v3.0.7/bin/rsync --checksum -e rsh --archive --rsync-path=/opt/rsync-v3.0.7/bin/rsync --hard-links --timeout=5184000 --exclude=.snapshot --exclude=../latest --exclude=../previous --delete --compress --stats distuser\@myserver:/source/dir/ /dest/dir

Few files are owned by a user “jim” with following permissions at source location

-r-xr----- 1 jim users 353554 Sep  3 07:11  environment_user_guide_kit_internal.pdf

-r-xr----- 1 jim users 1769414 Oct 11 22:14 GenerationLabManual.pdf

-r-xr----- 1 jim users 4734 Jul 12 11:10 README.txt

Surprisingly this rsync command works successfully on RHEL 3 & 4 system and copies these files with exact permissions at destination, but on RHEL 5.5 system we get error as permission denied for these files

I wonder what could be the reason for the same? Why same command is failing to transfer data on RHEL5.5 System?

Appreciate your comments and feedback on this.

Satish Shukla
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