rsync fails to retrieve file (if local file is incorrect)

Norbert van Bolhuis nvbolhuis at
Wed Nov 10 00:35:05 MST 2010

nvbolhuis at wrote:
> I'm using rsync on an embedded powerpc platform
> with flash filesystem.
> Because of a power-cycle a local file got corrupted.
> This file is /flashfs/isd1, it has the correct size but
> wrong MD5SUM (cd5...).
> Using rsync to retrieve the right file (from a remote machine)
> fails!
> If I delete the file first, it works (see below).
> How is this possible ?

ok, so I'm learning about rsync (options) every day.

from the man-page
"Normally  rsync  will  not  transfer  any  files  that  are  already the same size and have the same modification time-stamp"

sorry for the noise.

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