DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7778] --inplace does extra WRITE operations

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Sun Nov 7 11:56:04 MST 2010

------- Comment #4 from ildar at  2010-11-07 12:56 CST -------
Hey, Matt! I think you're right. I never knew rsync has two different
But I still have a problem: if I do this:
$ echo > f1
$ dd bs=1M seek=1 count=0 of=f1
$ dd bs=1M seek=1 count=0 of=f2
$ du -h f?
4,0K    f1
0       f2
$ rsync --inplace --no-whole-file f1 f2
$ du -h f?
4,0K    f1
1,1M    f2

I still get target filled.
That is rsync writes 1M byte into target while 1 byte would be enough.

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