DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7450] When a single file is specified, the exclusion of it in the exclude-from file is ignored

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Fri May 21 16:05:12 MDT 2010

------- Comment #2 from gordan at  2010-05-21 17:05 CST -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> Your exclude pattern is incorrect.  Please see the "ANCHORING INCLUDE/EXCLUDE
> PATTERNS" section of the man page.

Quote from the man page:
"if the pattern starts with a / then it is anchored to a particular spot in the
hierarchy of files,  otherwise it is matched against the end of the pathname. 
This is similar to a leading ^ in regular expressions. Thus "/foo" would match
a name of "foo" at either the "root of the transfer" (for a global rule) or in
the merge-file’s directory (for a per-directory rule)."

Can you explain how the pattern "/tmp/test/1/foo" doesn't match the file
"/tmp/test/1/foo"? What should the correct pattern be?

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