rsync over ssh - existing files are not updated?

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at
Sun May 16 04:30:48 MDT 2010

On 16.05.2010 12:23, Sjon Hortensius wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using rsync to backup various machines to a central server (all  
> archlinux, rsync 3.0.7 on ext4). Yesterday I needed one of those  
> backups, and I found out it is useless since a lot of files never got  
> updated. Even when I enable checksums some files are not updated. I am  
> pretty sure I am missing something, but am not sure what it is. This is  
> (a stripped version of) the command I use:
> rsync --stats -vvvvvvv -xaz --append --delete-during --delete-excluded  
> /etc/profile.d backup at server:client/etc/

man rsync
keyword: --append

You should use: --append-verify or just don't use --append.
That option is for transfers where you know that the files are only 
appended to, like (non-rotated) log-files.

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