Error when pre-xfer script is doing a rsync.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Fri May 14 07:50:25 MDT 2010


I've written an howto about making creating a copy (or snapshot) on a
remote server
(running rsync daemon with backup share)
AND managing the overwritten and deleted items. See:

I've done this by running the rsync command in dry mode first. This
way a detailed report
is created (with the help of the options --itemize-changes and
--out-format). By analyzing
this report, it's very easy to create a list with deleted and overwritten items.

My idea is as follows: by syncing these lists with deleted and changed
items to a
special "queue" share on the remote rsync server.

Now, when the localhost is trying to do the realbackup , a pre-xfer
script should check there is
a list present in the queue which should be processed first. The rsync
command on the localhost
just will wait for the pre-xfer script to finish.

Now the idea is simple, but I get an error.

When I let the post-xfer script of the queue share do the work in
stead of the pre-xfer script of the
backup share, everything works.

It looks as it isn't possible to run a seperate rsync command in the
pre-xfer phase.
Someone reckognizes this?

I'm thinking that the rsync command to backup the backup (copying the
deleted and changed items)
to a seperate "history" tree, is confused by the established
connection from the rsync server with
the remote host.

Stef Bon

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